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Why choose Clear Cut Construction?


Our customer service is second to none, the whole team is focused on customer service, delivering outstanding results and creating more happy customers.

Our Work Speaks Volumes

We’ve collaborated with an array of wonderful clients on the most rewarding projects.

Your perfect home is just a phone call away.

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Whether you’re updating existing structures or embarking on an entirely new project, we treat our work as high art: beautiful, timeless, expressive.

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We DON’T guarantee to beat any price, we won’t be the cheapest and we don’t do discounts… what we DO guarantee is to give you a fair and reasonable price for the work to be done. We strongly believe you pay for what you get and with Clear Cut Construction, you get the best.


Our customers are our number one priority - without you we wouldn’t have a business. Once a customer, always a customer. So, if you need anything or have a problem in the future, just call and we will be here to help.

 For the clear difference,

​make the clear cut choice.


Not only are all our employees fully qualified and trained in their profession, they are a great team. Polite, reliable, friendly and proud of what they do.